I am an Actor not simply by profession but also, I believe, by birth. Some people have a calling for different things in life: to some, medicine is attractive; to others, the lure of law enforcement is self-evident; still others have a compulsion to build with wood or steel.  For me, the need to tell a story, to portray people and events from my immediate surroundings or from cultures far away, and the need to recreate and present an experience to an audience was, and still is, as natural as breathing.

As a child, I liked to entertain those around me. I made up my own stories, put on puppet shows and my own plays. At the age of seven, I knew I wanted to be an Actor. As soon as I could, I enrolled in Acting Classes and studied throughout high school and college, eventually attending the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, where I received some of the best training of my scholastic career. After two years of scene and monologue study there, I knew something had to happen. Was I ready? Was I a "good Actor?" I decided it was "now or never" and took a leap.

I began auditioning for stage work around the San Francisco Bay Area and landed a role at my second audition. That was the start of seven years of back-to-back theatre, sometimes doing two shows at once. Soon after, I was signed to Tonry Talent in San Francisco and began making television commercials. You may have seen me stealing cookies from a woman in front of me on a commuter train in the classic spot for Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies; or vibrating from the sound waves of a bell in a spot for Sprint PCS; or finding the remains of my vandalized car late at night in a spot for State Farm Insurance. Other appearances include the CBS hit television show "Nash Bridges" with Don Johnson, NBC's short-lived medical show "Trauma," and the film "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams. (To view my complete resume, please click here or the link below.)

I believe Acting is a noble art, like any other art: painting, sculpture, music, and dance. It is wonderful to watch, even more wonderful to do and, like any other art, at its essence, is communication between human beings. And that's really the only reason we're here.
Above: In the classic spot for Pepperidge Farm Sausalito Cookies. Click on a picture to see the commercial!